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Hailing from a long line of creative healers, it seemed gifted by the stars that my passion for photography “the game of lights” drove me to realize it is an intentional process of seeking my path for peace, calm, and truth or higher awareness. When I shoot, I am completely in the moment, without thought or attention to intellect. Now a Reiki Master healer and breath work meditation practitioner SKY (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga), I have merged my skills in spiritual development with my technical photography skills to bring forth healing, balance, and growth. I create artworks that activate the energy of your home, based on Vastu studies, consulting services are available.
You're likely already working to create a positive environment in you, in your home. One of the easy ways to improve the energy in your home is by using simple techniques like keeping your spaces clutter-free. You can also use simple art that energizes and balance your space, rather than busy paintings that can add stress. The orientation of a building is important not only to save energy but also to live comfortably, and in good health, prosperity, and wealth. I could guide you by layering different techniques to improve your lifestyle, mentally, and at home.

Balance your mind

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