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Secret Techniques

“Whatever is born of a moment takes on the qualities and characteristics of that moment.” Carl Jung


Various cultures have used sets of lunar constellations/houses/mansions astrologically. The Jyotisha "the science of light" in the Hindu culture uses the astrological nakshatras, the Arabic manzils, Chinese astronomy uses Twenty-Eight Mansions and Egyptian astronomy uses 36 decans.

The Hindu astrology and Indian Astronomy divides the zodiac into 27 Nakshatras | नक्षत्र or lunar constellations. Their names are related to a prominent star in the near sector. Aries is one of the constellations of the zodiac, and Ashwini | अश्विनी is the first nakshatra in Hindu astrology, corresponding to the head of Aries. Every person is born with a map of planets distributed in different constellations, called a natal chart.


“Ama by Pixeleti” Fine Art Photography is based on the 27 nakshatras. Each of those 27 sections in the sky have different energies and environments. When a planet moves over any Nakshatra, it activates the energy in a specific section of the sky. That section of the sky starts to experience conscious activity. And we know, as above, so below. We experience the same activities on Earth.

The 27 Nakshatras (stars) are classified into 5 Great Elements | Pancha Maha Bhutas.

The entire science of Ayurveda is based on the 5 great elements theory:

  1. Ether (Akash) The principle of space.
    Consciousness is associated with Ether Element. Ether is the vast open space that accommodates everything. The sleeping state is called consciousness. During the dream-less deep sleep state, we lose the Awareness of the Body, Mind, and intelligence. Everything exists in Consciousness. Everything exists in space. Consciousness does not depend on the other four, but all four cannot function or exist without Consciousness. All the four, Awareness, intelligence, Mind, and Body can be experienced, but not Consciousness, because it is the experiencer itself. Ether element stars protect relationships.

  2. Air (Vayu) The principle of movement.
    Awareness is associated with Air Element. Air is the source that sustains life. Being alive means being aware of your body (Earth element), Mind (Water element), and Intelligence (Fire element). The air is needed for the fire to burn, Awareness is needed for the fire of intelligence to propel the functioning of the Mind and the Body. Awareness is the subtlest energy form. Air element stars need steadiness from relationships or else worry and stress can cause them problems.

  3. Fire (Agni) The principle of conversion, heat, light.
    Intelligence is associated with the Fire Element. Fire is the source of energy and light. Intelligence illuminates the path for the Mind (Water Element) to flow logically. The most important attribute of Intelligence is that it pulls the mind inward to the present moment, the Being, the Awareness. Intelligence ignites or fuses the Mind to inner Awareness. Thus Intelligence is the middle man between the Mind and the inner Awareness (Air Element).

  4. Water (Jala) The principle of liquidity and cohesion.
    The Mind is associated with The Water Element. Water is the source of life. The mind can change rapidly and flow or alternate between various sense perceptions. The mind also can flow backward in time and leap forward in time. The mind brings reality to the body or the physical world (Earth Element). Water element stars are good at relationships but their inner insecurities can create problems for them. They need partners who support them as their emotional neediness is at times too much for others to manage.

  5. Earth (Prithvi) The principle of form and structure.
    The Physical body is associated with the Earth Element. We owe our existence to our physical body, which keeps us grounded. Earth Element stars sustain relationships. They want relationships that last.


Each body is a unique combination of these 5 elements. Keeping this combination in balance is the key for good health. External disturbances like excess heat or cold or wrong diet can cause disharmony inside the body, which in turn, can cause a disease. Restoring the balance through pacifying the disturbing element in the body can heal.

Vedic Astrology has many secret techniques to navigate these obstacles. I have learned from several Vedic Astrologers this technique that can provide a key to unlocking the obstacle, based on nakshatras. Being aware of these factors can help us navigate in this life and take the steps to smooth the relationships in this case.

Activate Your Secret Nakshatra

Each Nakshatra and each planet radiates one of the 5 elements. At the time of your birth and location on the earth, the planets were in a particular constellation/nakshatra, therefore the element of that planet and the element of that nakshatra, tell us the compatibility and cooperation between each other and how that relationship is going to play in your life.
Ex. Having the planet Moon, as the lord of your 7th house (partner, relationships) in Purva Ashada Nakshatra, might bring difficulties in relationships, because Moon is a Water element and Purva Ashada is an Air element. Water and Air don’t cooperate with each other.

Any of the Fine Art Photography that represents one of the Nakshatras, has a story that helps you unlock the obstacle. This nakshatra is analyzed personally and can be done for any person, home, or office in order to find the balance of that element, so the energy could flow.

Ex. If you want to improve your relationships, a key nakshatra has the solution. A yoga studio wants to improve its relations with the clients or co-workers, a key nakshatra has the energy needed to be balanced.

Activate your career with your secret animal

Every Nakshatra is connected to the energies of a living animal. Animal's behavior help us understand the planetary energies and therefore we can interpret our own story. By connecting to our animal's nakshatra we could improve our karma and remove blockages.
One of the best remedies is by food donation or sponsoring shelter to that animal.

If you want to improve your career that is represented by the 10th House lord, meditate in front of the animal represented by your lord's nakshatra. You could also draw the animal in the color represented by the planet or worship the Deity from that nakshatra.

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